Facts On High Blood Pressure That Will Disturb You!

The facts on high blood pressure are dramatic and startling. And they should act as a big motivation for getting your blood pressure under control effectively and permanently!

Facts on High Blood Pressure

  • In more than 90% of cases the cause of hypertension is not known
  • Nearly 100 million people in the USA suffer from high blood pressure, a startling figure in terms of the total population
  • Processed foods contain very high sodium levels, which is a big contributor to hypertension
  • Your doctor needs to guess and experiment to get you on the “right” medication, as there are side effects involved with many of them which can include permanent organ damage
  • Almost 10 million people worldwide die each year from untreated hypertension
  • Most cases of hypertension can be successfully treated with natural methods

These facts paint a picture of a condition which is not being adequately addressed by many people. Indeed, many people who suffer from the condition do not realize they have a problem until some damage has been done. They have not intervened early enough. It has been referred to as the silent killer because of this! Sometimes people die from it and didn’t even know they had a problem!

Medications are prescribed in too many cases! This is how doctors have been trained to control the problem. And controlling the problem is all that medications can do. They work to control the pressure rather than addressing the root cause.

This is a flawed approach, and it is indicative of the over-reliance of the medical industry on chemicals and prescriptions.

A much better approach is to treat the condition naturally. Imagine startling your doctor at your next visit with normal blood pressure readings without medication. You can do this. It involves only a few simple steps and a commitment to your health!

Diet is a very important aspect. Some foods and additives are bad for you and contribute to the condition. Yet others are beneficial. So all you need to do is educate yourself and adjust your eating plan accordingly. Surely that is worth a try for the sake of your health! Increasing the amount of natural foods and eliminating processed foods goes a long way to achieving this goal.

Even a small amount of excess weight can have a startling impact on your hypertension. Eating right will go a long way to addressing this, and some simple exercise like walking, cycling, or swimming will take care of the rest.

The important facts on high blood pressure are that it can be treated naturally, and educating yourself on a good plan is well worth your time. How much is your life worth to you?